EUCEET Association in brief

The EUCEET Association was founded on 12th March 2007, under Belgian Law, as an expression of the sustainability strategy promoted by the Thematic Network EUCEET (European Civil Engineering Education and Training). Between October 1998 and March 2010, the Thematic Network EUCEET run four projects with the support of grants received from the European Commission – Directorate General for education and Culture.

Objectives of the Association

The Association has the following objectives:

a. promote cooperation between higher education institutions offering programmes in civil engineering;
b. foster good practice in civil engineering education and training;
c. contribute to the establishment of educational criteria in civil engineering, based on learning outcomes and competences;
d. encourage the development of programmes of education and training in civil engineering, especially those concerning innovative approaches;
e. operate as a consultant or assessor in programmes concerning education and training in civil engineering;
f. establish permanent links with the construction industry of Europe, ensuring that the point of views and needs of the industry concerning the educational programmes become known by the academia;
g. promote the mobility of students and teaching staff of the higher education institutions offering programmes in civil engineering;
h. cooperate with established professional or other associations in the furtherance of the objectives;
i. promote continuing education as an indispensable mean for the professional development of civil engineers;
j. participate to programmes of the European Commission in the field of education;
k. foster the cooperation of its members in the field of research;
l. cooperate with other international organisation with related interests from Europe and outside Europe.


Main activities

The main activities of the Association in pursuing its objectives are:

a. participating to programmes of the European Commission.
b. organising Conferences, Symposia and Workshops and publishing proceedings as necessary;
c. establishing and maintaining a data bank on degree courses within higher education institutions in Europe in the field of civil engineering;
d. publishing a regular newsletter to be circulated to the membership;
e. collaborating with other international organisations with related interests.


The Association organizes Conference in cooperation with the University which is hosting the General Assembly in the respective year.

Five Conferences of the Association took place so far:

  • 1st Conference of the EUCEET Association, with the theme “New Trends and Challenges in Civil Engineering Education” in Patras, on 24-25 November 2011.
  • 2nd Conference of the EUCEET Association, with the theme “Civil engineering education: are we meeting the needs of the industry and society?" in Moscow, on 14-15 October 2013.
  • 3rd Conference of the EUCEET Association, with the theme "Resilience by design of civil engineering works" in Florence, on 22-23 September 2015, organized under the umbrella of the World Engineering Education Forum 2015.
  • 4th International Conference of the EUCEET Association with the theme "Challenges for the third millennium" in Barcelona, on 5-8 September 2018.
  • The first Joint Conference of EUCEET and AECEF with the theme “The role of education for Civil Engineers in the implementation of the SDGs” in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 12th November 2021. 
  • The second Joint Conference EUCEET-AECEF with the theme "The role of interactive teaching/learning approaches in the development of soft skills for Civil Engineering Education" took place in Pisa (Italy)  on 19th October 2023.