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Date Event Place Notes
20.10.2023 16th General Assembly
Pisa, IT Letter of invitation 
19-20.10.2023 2nd Joint Conference of EUCEET and AECEF
Pisa, IT

First announcement (pdf)

Second announcement (pdf)

30.09.2022 15th General Assembly
Tirana, AL Letter of invitation (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
12.11.2021 2021 EUCEET Association Award for Excellence in Teaching in Civil Engineering
Thessaloniki, GR

12.11.2021 14th General Assembly
Thessaloniki, GR Letter of invitation (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
12.11.2021 Joint Conference of EUCEET and AECEF
Thessaloniki, GR

18.09.2020 13th General Assembly
online meeting
Letter of invitation (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
04.10.2019 12th General Assembly
Paris, FR Letter of invitation (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
06.09.2018 11th General Assembly
Barcelona, ES Letter of invitation (pdf)
05-08.11.2018 Conference "Challenges for the third millennium"
Barcelona, ES
05.10. 2017 10th General Assembly
Ekaterinburg, RU Registration Form 
Letter of invitation (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
29.09.2016 9th General Assembly
Cluj-Napoca, RO Letter of invitation 
29.09.2016 Workshop "The structures for the future"
Cluj-Napoca, RO
23.09.2015 8th General Assembly
Florence, IT Letter of invitation
Agenda (pdf)
22-23.09.2015 Annual Conference "Resilience by design of civil engineering works"
Florence, IT 
24.10.2014 7th General Assembly
Vilnius, LT Letter of invitation (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
15.10.2013 6th General Assembly
Moscow, RU

Letter of invitation (pdf)

Agenda (pdf)

14-15.10.2013 Annual Conference "Civil engineering education: are we meeting the needs of the industry and society?"
Moscow, RU 

First Announcement (.pdf)


09.11.2012 5th General Assembly
Pisa, IT Letter of invitation (pdf)
Programme (pdf)
09.11.2012 Workshop "Innovation in civil engineering education"
Pisa, IT

Invitation (pdf)
Announcement (
Photos (zip)

25.11.2011 4th General Assembly
Patras, GR Letter of invitation (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
24-25.11.2011 Annual Conference "New Trends and Challenges in Civil Engineering Education"
Patras, GR
08.04.2011 Administrative Council Meeting
London, UK

List of participants (pdf)
Agenda (

03.12.2010 3rd General Assembly
Barcelona, ES Letter of invitation (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
List of participants (pdf)
20.09.2009 2nd General Assembly
Paris, FR Agenda (pdf)
24.10.2008 1st General Assembly
Warsaw, PL Agenda (pdf)